About Us

Throughout history, societies have been able to advance when they had access to an adequate and nutritious supply of food.  Conversely, progress has suffered when a society’s primary energy has been focused on food acquisition.   It is our premise that the continued evolution of global society is dependent on food security.  Our world food production today is dominated by a dependency on a diminishing oil supply for both food distribution and food production.  Members of the Food Security Research Network maintain that this global fragility can be best addressed through more vibrant local economies, and we apply ourselves to this premise in a number of new ways.

The Food Security Research Network and our Community Service Learning program is in itself a new way of addressing food security, coupling university resources – faculty, students and staff – with dedicated Northwestern Ontario partners in Contextual Fluidity Model designed to grow our knowledge base.  We propose four innovative approaches to enhancing local food marketing, production, and distribution as well as novel uses of the boreal forest for enhancing food security.