Community Initiatives

Community Engagement

Working with community partners and area residents already involved in local food projects, our initiatives aim to provide the leadership and facilitation required to expand and strengthen local food production as well as consumer demand for locally-produced foods.

Recent Community Engaged Projects

Chicken and Eggs: Understanding the Regulations
Local Poultry Abattoir Study
Roots to Harvest
Learning Gardens
Northern Gardens Project
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
Brule Creek Farms’ Grain Mill
Regional Community Gardens
Superior Beef Project
Publication: Gardening with Short Growing Seasons
Impact Study: Environmental Contaminants
and Traditional Food Sources
October 2009 Release of Agricultural Impact Studies
Thunder Bay Fruit Tree Project

Community Campus Garden

The Food Security Research Network offers individuals and groups from the Lakehead and Thunder Bay community an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of growing their own food in the Lakehead University Campus Garden.

The Campus Garden has beds and rows of various sizes which can be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis and are free of charge. Each individual plot is 10×10ft, and increases from there depending on the request and intended use. Plots can also be divided for those who are unable to tend the whole space.

See the Community Campus Garden page for more information on the Campus Garden and how to get involved!

Collective Kitchen and Preserve Gatherings – More than Just Cooking!
Many happy gardeners have joined together on various occassions at the RFDA (Regional Food Distribution Association) to cook a variety of healthy dishes from shared recipes for a tasty meal made from veggies from their very own gardens at the FSRN Community Campus Garden.

Preserve Gatherings – or Food Stash and Storage – are opportunities for participants to learn different methods to stash and store their harvest, keeping it fresh and accessible throughout the fall and winter seasons. Gardeners return from the gatherings ready for the holidays with wonderful yummy gifts or treats for guests.

Collective Kitchens and Preserve Gatherings are great fun and fantastic opportunities to make new connections and built lasting friendships.