Campus Garden Registration

Campus Garden Registration

Experience is not necessary.

Learn the fundamentals of a kitchen garden or bring your gardening knowledge to help teach others. Larger plots are available for groups and research. We hope to bring together experienced and beginner gardeners with the intention of increasing awareness of slow food movements, local food options, and healthier individual sustainability.

For those who don’t have space in their own yards, or aren’t sure how to start their own vegetable/kitchen garden, we have many experienced gardeners on hand to assist and advise. We’re always looking for more experienced gardeners and farmers interested in imparting their knowledge and experiences.

One of the many benefits to gardening in a community garden is being able to count on the network of gardeners for help. It is inevitable that individuals will be away at some point throughout the summer. We hope that through a developed network of gardeners, no one will have to worry about their space, and we will all benefit at the end of the season with a fruitful harvest. We are also always most grateful for volunteers.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

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