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Download the working paper (English)

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Professional and Technical Reports

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Completed Theses and Research Projects

Completed Theses – Supervisor (Social Work 9901/Public Health 9901/Forestry 9901)

Wintle, Sarah (MES in Northern Environments and Cultures) Graduation 2010                              Thesis: Finding Food Deserts: A spatial analysis of food security in Northwestern Ontario

Milne, Ryan (Master of Science in Forestry) Faculty of Natural Resources Management Graduation May 2013
Thesis: Exploring wild blueberries as a place-based socio-economic development opportunity in Ignace, Ontario

Uvanile, Michelle (Master of Social Work) Graduation May 2012
Thesis: The lived experience of Anishinabe youth engaged in therapeutic horticulture

Chevette, Lee-Ann May 2011(Master of Environmental Sciences)
Thesis: Community Gardening: Exploring Motivations and Gardener Experience (Co-supervisor with Mirella Stroink).

Ray, Lana Graduation November 2008 Master of Public Health (MPH)                                               Thesis Title: Exploring Well-being in a First Nation Community: A qualitative study


Completed Research Projects

Smids, Karin Graduation November 2013 Master of Social Work (MSW)

Thesis Title: Looking at collective kitchens from the perspective of the participant

Morais, Chantel Graduation November 2009 Master of Public Health (MPH) Research Project: Families First Food Security Study


Film and Media

Saxberg, K. and Harpell, R. (2001): Banana Split

Saxberg, K. and Harpell, R. (2009): SCI Lunchroom